Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 11, 2013

Common sense approach in government

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — Editor:

As of late, I, along with anyone who watches or listens to the news or reads a paper, has become aware of the possibility of our lawmakers in Springfield passing legislation to issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens.

This has to be the most absurd idea I have ever heard! Just like when John Jones first debated then Rep. Larry Hicks in McLeansboro High School gym many years ago, both were asked the questions as to how they would handle the illegal alien problem that was growing. Rep. Hicks gave a “political” answer to a minute smattering of applause, then the question was posed to Mr. Jones. Jones asked that the question be restated, which is was. Jones answered something to the effect simply: “didn’t you say they’re ILLEGAL aliens?” The entire gym erupted in applause of agreement!

We need more of this common sense approach in government, not a continual stream of political correctness. It is killing our country.

Do I mind that someone from another country strive to make a better life for themselves by coming to our country? Not at all, but let it be done within the legal manner established. If they truly desire it they will endure the sometimes long arduous process in place. If I, as a citizen of this country, am required to obey the law, then why not everyone else, especially those breaking the law by entering our country illegally.

Now if this is some type of ruse in order to identify those who are here illegally so they may be arrested and deported, well that’s another story. But it sets a dangerous precedence in that if they are not arrested/found/etc., and deported, they will still be here illegally, but now with a drivers license! Hellooo Homeland Security!

There is really no rational, reasoning or excuse that can be presented to justify this proposal. Why not use the tax dollars that would be earmarked for everything entailed in this undertaking and apply it to hiring more law enforcement personnel to combat the steady flow of illegals into this country and concentrate on deporting the ones that are found.

Here is a novel idea: Instead of shipping foreign aid that doesn’t get repaid to countries that are our avowed enemies, why not keep it here at home and rebuild our infrastructure and help companies stay at home in the USA and make us once again a country that produces something instead of being nothing but consumers! But that is food for thought for a future letter.

Kevin L. Jackson

Mt. Vernon