Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 12, 2013

Water tower making a splash

The Register-News

---- — Mt. Vernon is up to receive a unique honor.

The Times Square Mall Water Tank has been nominated for the Tank of the Year award.

The contest allows people to vote online for their favorite painted water tank. The contest is sponsored by TNEMEC, a company that manufactures the paint used in painting water towers. The contractor responsible for painting the Times Square Mall water tank made the nomination — and Mt. Vernon has made the short list.

Some may make fun of the contest. Some may say there are more important things out there than a creatively-painted water tower.

Yes, it’s a fun contest — although I understand those in the industry take their tanks very seriously — and yes, there are more important things in the community such as infrastructure, jobs and the economy.

But, sometimes it’s okay to have fun. Sometimes, the fun may have some other impacts.

Impacts such as tourists stopping to take a picture of the unique water tank; people who see the calendar learning something about Mt. Vernon and talking about it to others.

No, it won’t bring in thousands of dollars to the community. But it’s something that can make the community smile. It’s about pride in the community — and the fun, unique parts of it.

Residents may vote online for their favorite water tank through Oct. 18 at