Mt. Vernon Register-News

October 25, 2013

Board member requests toned down meetings

The Register-News

---- — Dear Editor:

I am shocked and appalled by the behavior during full board, special and committee board meetings lately.

During this past year I have sat and watched grown men act very disrespectful and disruptive.

I understand Jere Shaw is still biter his son missed out on bidding the jail when it was built. I understand Ted Buck wants to believe that replacing a boiler that failed is considered a major upgrade to a facility that he only paid attention to when something broke, during his time as chairman. His leadership kicked a dented, rusted can with holes in it to this board.

I understand Dexter Edmison wants to be a board member again. What I don’t understand, is why a group of otherwise decent and mostly intelligent men, have reduced themselves to behavior that is more like preschoolers who don’t know any better. Shaw, Buck and Edmison should know better. Shaw currently serves as the chairman of the Board’s appointee on the Rend Lake Conservancy District. Buck is a past board member and served as chairman for three terms. Edmison is a past board member and former vice-chairman.

Gentlemen, I would suggest you remember one of the best lessons ever learned in Sunday school: to treat others the way you wish to be treated. Any current board member to show this level of disrespect would find themselves joining you, and rightfully so, sitting at home after the next election. Their candor and integrity would not let them act in the manner you all have for the sole purpose of disruption of public meetings. Nor would they write false facts in letters to the editor. That seems reserved to this special group of men.

My final statement is very simple, this discussion of the courthouse and its condition. It is not about Robert White or Ted Buck. It is not about the jail. It is not about the selection of M360 over two other out of county contractors who bid to assess the courthouse and develop the appropriate plan using professional engineers. Simply, it is about our courthouse, its condition and what the options are. When presenting our findings, I believe we should expect better behavior from those who know better.

My desire is to serve the people of this county and part of that service is to explain the condition of their courthouse and allow discussion of the options to consider. No more, no less.

John Keele