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October 26, 2013

All rodeos are violent

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

Is the King City Saddle Club asking for more trouble? The King City Saddle Club hosted a high school rodeo the weekend of Oct. 12 and 13. Since rodeos view animals as disposable objects, and since rodeo animals get hurt and killed all the time, will there be more tragedies at the King City Saddle Club? The answer could probably be yes. I was told the King City Saddle Club had stopped hosting rodeos and were only hosting horse shows. So what happened?

Just a few years ago, according to our paper, a rider at the King City Saddle Club got mad at his horse and ran it into a pile of logs trying to “discipline” it. The investigation concluded the horse died of a heart attack, or that its heart was crushed on impact. The dead horse lay bloated and stinking on the saddle club grounds from Saturday until Tuesday.

High school rodeos are just like all rodeos, brutal, legalized abuse of animals. Very poor lessons for children.

One of the high school rodeo events held at the King City Saddle Club that weekend was the goat tying event, or what rodeo people call “nanny slamming.” A perfect name. Keep in mind, rodeo people have no problem with committing an act of cruelty and cowardice against a baby animal.

Nanny slamming is a little like tackling someone who is already in handcuffs. The victims are baby goats. Nanny slamming is an idiotic event in which female contestants race on horseback to an already tied up baby goat, slam the victim on the ground, drop their weight on the tiny animal and tie the animals legs. The nanny slammers are quite proud of it. Sometimes the baby animal is trampled by the horse. A single goat is used over and over and over again. It shows just how low the standards of rodeo people are.

Rodeos do not even reflect the “real cowboys” of the past. Todays rodeos bear no resemblance to ranch work. For the real cowboys on real ranches, great care is taken to inflict as little trauma as possible so as to prevent injury. And they certainly didn’t tackle and body slam baby goats.

To view a high school nanny slamming idiotic event on You Tube, simply type in “the cruel idiocy of rodeo goat tying.”

All rodeos are cut from the same defective fabric: Violence.

Shirley Riley

Mt. Vernon