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October 29, 2013

Ask questions

Dear Editor:

Sometimes words of intended disparagement can actually be words of encouragement.

For example, when someone classifies an individual as a preschooler that can be considered a good thing. My parents taught me to always ask questions even at a very young age. My elementary and high schools teachers always encouraged the asking of questions. In college the instructors welcomed questions. My employers expected straightforward answers to questions.

Questions, I have been told, lead to truth and knowledge. I have never thought that questions were disruptive and/or disrespectful. If so, I have been burdened with these terrible traits my entire life.

Having sat on numerous boards, I have likely posed hundreds, and maybe thousands, of questions during board meetings and in business conversations. In fact, I always believed that if an individual served the public or a business interest, questions for the purpose of knowledge in order to drive laudable and economic direction was a good thing.

I also feel not to seek answers to prudent and pertinent questions is a fool’s choice and failure to be informed when the obligation or situation demands answers makes one a fool.

When an organization is asking me to supply my hard earned money, I feel entitled to know what the money will accomplish (in some detail), not to just act with blind trust without verification. Without answers trust will soon dissolve and outcomes will be impeded to the loss of us all.

So some of us celebrate traits of preschoolers and consider it a tenet of responsibility to ask forthright questions.

Dexter Edmison


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