Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 2, 2013

More information good

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

Having attended the public hearing, the initial committee meeting, and the town meeting at Dodds and Waltonville, I have been a critic of the County Board in general, the Courthouse Renovation Committee and the presentations.

On Tuesday night I attended the Bluford presentation and must say that a new approach was taken. The proposal was presented in more detail allowing one to make a more intelligent evaluation.

This change is to be applauded — now a conversation can be started. Studied judgment will now allow for evaluation from the prospective of necessary performance versus excessive performance. Some proposals may not be needed now or ever.

No fanfare was given to who decided to change the direction of presentation from stonewall to substantial transparency but this move should be commended. Many board members were present, but the public turnout left something to be desired.

With the new approach members of the public should come to the remaining meetings and inform the committee how you desire them to proceed or if you desire them to proceed.

Regardless, monies by mandate of state law should be made available from the court system and the sheriffs department very likely could perform at an acceptable level with reevaluation of some expenses. If an aggressive approach is initiated to a totally bare bone budget with the demand from the board that the Jefferson County Court System meet the mandate of law and the renovation plan be voided of some presently unnecessary proposals, maybe trust can be restored. I personally want to thank M360 and the committee for the new approach and transparent information. Direction rests with the county board.

One thing that was baffling, no media attended.

Dexter Edmison

Belle Rive