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April 11, 2013

Kindness is appreciated


I recently attended a Celebration of Life funeral for a dear friend. Over 200 people attended. There were great preachers, two, and the music was great. I left uplifted in spirit. But, I only wished my friend could have known who all she helped and how many people appreciated her.

So, I though it would be appropriate to recognize a bunch of the many that do help others every day, way above their duty and not with money involved. These people are never in the news, never noted for what they do. These are some of the foundation that make our Mt. Vernon great!

Using first names only, because I can’t remember a lot of last names, some I’ve witnessed personally and some only talked about are Amy and Debbie of Crosswalk, Clyde of Kemper Gas, Liz and Diana of Family Practice, Brenda and Donna of Angels on Assignment, Lowell and Rosie, Deon Diane and John of Riley TV, Eddie of Park Avenue Food Pantry, Dave of Nu Bowl Lanes, Susan of Hughey’s Funeral Home, Sue of Rose Lane, Lisa of Cutting Edge, Bruce and Sandy who are retired police officers, and many more.

The above-mentioned have helped the elderly in small tasks, some with going grocery shopping for the handicapped, and some with smiles, encouragement and making people feel good about themselves.

So, if you feel small and don’t amount to much, remember people are noticing all the good you do, even if they don’t mention it to you!

I am a senior, 80, and I do so appreciate a kind smile, a word of encouragement and all that our Mt. Vernon leaders do for us. The Fire Department, the great Police Department, and our mayor, also the Register-News, which I read daily and only wish they had bigger print, la!

Virginia McAlexander

Mt. Vernon

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