Mt. Vernon Register-News

March 13, 2013

Wasteful spending by USPS




I would like to touch on the recent decision by the United States Postal Service to terminate deliveries and various operations on Saturdays.

I find this approach of attempting to save money and cut costs to be an insult. For a great many years, I have witnessed, as I am sure the vast majority of the American public has, the millions of dollars being wasted needlessly by the USPS, and now they want the American public/taxpayers to accept less due to their incompetence. Let's take a look at just a few of those examples:

1. Sponsoring of bicycle race teams to travel all over the world to compete;

2. Sponsorship of race car teams to travel all over the world to compete;

3. Sponsorship of airplane racing teams to travel all over the world to compete;

4. Sponsorship of motorcycle race teams to travel all over the world to compete;

5. Needless TV, magazine, newspaper, etc., commercials that tell us of information and news services that could be read at the post office or mailed out. If it is mailed, they sure wouldn't have to pay postage and the cost of printing would certainly be offset by the eliminated cost of all the aforementioned.

The USPS is just one example and department of our government that spends recklessly, foolishly and sometimes corruptly, and when it finally comes back to bite them in the tail, they expect us to bite the bullet in whatever way they come up with to attempt repair!

Politicians/elected officials, when are you all going to do what you were hired to do? (again, to reiterate, you are all only hired to help and are accountable to the electorate — not the other way around) and that is to look out for your constituents best interests and the interests of this great country. I submitted a letter to the editor once and cc'd a copy to the USPS approximately nine years ago warning something like this occurring and touched on why our postal rates continually increase while monies were being spent for such needless things as mentioned.

I encourage everyone who is fed up with the manner our government approaches matters to write a hard copy of your concerns and complaints to your elected officials. I realize that electronic message is so much easier and costs less (one stamp, envelope, piece of paper and ink), but the effect a written letter has speaks so much louder. Do you realize that one letter of complaint/concern to an elected official or business, from one person, represents approximately 15,000 people; it's actually somewhat of a biblical concept: Deuteronomy 32:30. The only thing an ostrich accomplishes by putting its head in the sand is to receive either an undefended butt kickin' or wind up as someone's dinner. There are many issues that need to be addressed with the USPS, ceasing Saturday service is not something the public believes should be altered or dismissed.

Kevin L. Johnson

Mt. Vernon