Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 24, 2010

Our View: Honor those who protect our freedom

MT. VERNON — This week, area residents have a rare opportunity to remember fallen soldiers at Brehm Memorial Library.

“Portrait of a Soldier” opened Saturday at the library, and was unveiled by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn.

Our soldiers of Illinois went forward to protect our right to speak, to worship and to assemble. I’m so proud of those who fell and gave the full measure of devotion. It’s very important we remember that these were real people, live human beings. When we look at these pieces, we see human beings who were all heroes.”

The exhibit being shown the week before Memorial Day is very appropriate. As all residents begin to think of those who have gone before us, we should especially take time to think and remember those who fought for our rights and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

We urge all to take the time to see visit the library and the exhibit and remember those whose lives were lost protecting the liberty we enjoy each day.