Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 3, 2013

Does anyone really care


MT. VERNON — Editor:

I saw where Milano Metals and the mayor and the city council had decided to close Seventh Street permanently at the railroad tracks.

While thinking of this sitting by the high school gym facing west, I noticed the street is quite busy. From the east side, people go to General Tire, National Railway, Farm Fresh and other destinations. Also, a lot of people from the south go to Ben Franklin Head Start, Dairy Queen, Skelton’s Furniture and Hardware, etc., on week days through the day we have to take other streets to get to Seventh Street. But we didn’t seem to mind to avoid the stop lights.

Seventh, 27th, 42nd and Wells Bypass are some of our main arteries of traffic flow north and south. Suppose a Milano Metals type guy told the mayor and city council to close off one of these west side streets. Our forefathers put Seventh Street there for a reason. I think the east side of town deserves better and I am disappointed.

Sometimes it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize our leaders, not knowing all the background, but does anyone really care what an old regular person thinks?

Stephen Sledge

Mt. Vernon