Mt. Vernon Register-News

January 10, 2013

Plight of the little children

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — Editor:

The TV and newspaper advertisements asking for money to help out homeless children is a terrible thing I believe.

We go to war but when these little orphans grow up they will already have known about war, the fight for a bed, food, medical care, etc. One hears as well of little girls raped to death, their rapers going free, unsought after and many other atrocities going on with homeless children of the world.

They are not as other children who are cared for lovingly by caring parents, and our world will be governed later by these abused children. When I was small I would yell to get attention, but no one is listening to these children of a deaf world.

I believe the plight of these little children of the world uncared for, unloved, never sitting on the lap of Jesus or a loving parent should receive at least the attention of a civilized population as given to armaments to make war on our neighbors. Parents, you children will have to deal later with these deprived children already prepared by experience to fight the world.

Helen Sue Johnson

Mt. Vernon