Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 23, 2013

How about some answers

The Register-News

---- — I may be in the minority, but I really hope not. I could be considered biased in favor of our local paper, but I do not think so. I just find it difficult to understand how the folks in a leadership role are able to put a positive spin on recent test score results at the high school. I also think our local paper tries to present both sides of the coin in an objective fashion.

I just could not believe that the “game plan has worked well” as stated when less than 50 percent of the students meet or exceed the expectations in math and science or that

Mt. Vernon goals are set so low. Who sets the goals? I would think that this should come from the school board. How else can the administration be measured?

Now we state that we are going to be holding “strategic planning sessions in the near future to look at how scores can be improved” and “currently working to develop a structure whereby individual students can improve.”

These outdated buzz words are from the 1980s. They sound good, but do not hold anyone accountable for results. How about just telling the public, without spin, why the students score below state averages and half of them are below 50 percent in math and science and how soon you will exceed the averages for the state. How about a goal to be in the top tier and when?

A lot of folks criticize the test, but it is hard to hide from the facts when you are below state averages and half the students do not perform well on the state-wide test.

Why not stop trying to put a positive spin and just tell the folks that pay you why specifically you are not doing better and when you will have a solid achievable, measurable plan to deal with the problem.

If the student achievement is the most important priority that we should have then it should be at the forefront of every action without excuses, buzz words or spin.