Mt. Vernon Register-News

April 30, 2014

Nothing good to write

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

I met a friend the other day and he asked me why I never write anything positive about things anymore. I’d like to but I just can’t think of any good things going on that’s as important as the evil and stupidity in high places in these times.

Take Mt. Vernon, we’re trying to drive on streets full of pot holes, paying for water that isn’t fit to even wash clothes in and they’re wanting a rate increase, paying bills for TV for programming that isn’t fit to watch, paying real estate and sales taxes that make no sense, we had sidewalks forced on us that no-one wanted, we had a street closed to appease a business and they still want more, we had a vote on recycling that no-one has the slightest idea of how it came out but we’re going to be recycling. The city can get grants for every type of park, tricycle lanes, and any other “improvement” we don’t really need or care about but we can’t get our city’s much needed repairs, a jail we didn’t want and proven we didn’t need, we were and are still lied to about a new high school. I thought it was illegal to vote something in like building a new school and then change everything about it after the vote. Where’s our legal eagles on that one?

On the national level we’re getting a tyrannical form of government forced upon us under the guise of Healthcare, we have our Constitution under attack, our citizens are being attacked by armed thugs under the guise of federal agents, we have land being stolen by more “legal” gangsters, we’re losing businesses leaving some states for other states and some are going to other countries because of insane “laws” and taxes.

So, you see, in these times there just isn’t much good going on. We have small victories like a local student gets a scholarship somewhere or the women’s Boston Marathon winner repeats but we have nothing to really help this country or our little town of Mt. Vernon.

Yep! I’d love to write something about how good things are happening in Mt. Vernon and the nation but it’s going to take an election for that to happen and if these same folks that complain would just get out and vote we may be able to get some good, positive things to happen everywhere. The inmates are still in charge of the asylum so we have to change that first.

Jerry Merritt

Mt. Vernon