Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 8, 2014

No tax dollars for Obama Library

The Register-News

---- — Dear Editor:

I fully agree with the recent letter from Mr. Clemens. Presidential libraries should be financed by private contributions.

In a state with such a deplorable financial mess as Illinois, I can’t believe that any Congressman would have the gall to propose such a contribution. Currently, the State of Illinois can’t adequately support our public schools and universities or maintain our aging infrastructure, so how can they possibly find a way to divert $100 million to another Chicago works project? I suppose they will just charge it and let our grandchildren figure out a way to pay for it. Shame on them.

With taxes as high as they are in this state, Illinois government clearly does not have a revenue problem, they have a spending problem.

Funding for a Presidential Library is simply another clear example of financial irresponsibility. Let’s throw the bums out.

Michael B. Wilderman

Mt. Vernon