Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 11, 2013

President promoting socialism

The Register-News

---- — Editor:

As a citizen of our great country I am very concerned about the direction President Barrack Obama and his liberal friends in Congress are taking our nation.

My concern is not so much for myself but for future generations. Their socialist views are the anthesis of what made America so great.

America is not about equality it is about equality of opportunity. It is not about the transfer of wealth — it is about the creation of wealth through a free enterprise, capitalistic economic system that has served us well for many years. With those underpinnings, our nation became the richest in the world, and now there are those among us who would dismantle our economic system.

With Obama and his friends comes socialism, big government and more oppressive regulation. As importantly, socialism destroys self-reliance and individual initiative, both of which are the cornerstones of our society.

The Affordable Health Care Act is just one example of the President’s and his friends’ attempt to create a socialistic, welfare state that is destroying our middle-class. Economists tell us that it represents almost one fifth of our Gross Domestic Product.

One ardent supporter of the President (and arguably as liberal as Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi) is our own United State Senator Dick Durbin. He has served for 30 years in Congress and should step aside.

While the President and Senator Durbin “mine votes” by pandering to the specific, special interest groups, they promote discontent and even hatred among other groups of our society. At the same time, they exempt themselves from their own oppressive laws and have amassed a small fortune for their so-called service to the country.

As we go forward, I urge your readers to reject these kinds of men as our leaders and support others who would bring us together as a people.

Jere Shaw

Mt. Vernon