Mt. Vernon Register-News

May 25, 2010

Our View: Not holding breath for new state budget

MT. VERNON — Members of the Illinois House of Representatives returned to Springfield on Monday to continue work on the state budget. Members of the state senate may return to the capitol Wednesday to do the same.

The timing is important because should lawmakers not approve — and Gov. Pat Quinn sign into law — a state budget by May 31 (Monday), a three-fifths majority will be required for budget approval.

Recent history tells us this week’s gathering of lawmakers probably does not mean an end to the budget process for Fiscal Year 2011, which begins on July 1. Illinois lawmakers have not approved a state budget by the start of a fiscal year the last three times they have approved a budget, meaning since 2006, the state has started a new fiscal year without a budget in place.

So we remain skeptical that this week yield a new budget for the state, we are certainly hopeful it can or at least move the process along a few steps.