Mt. Vernon Register-News

December 13, 2013

Winter weather postpones Rams game

Mt. Vernon faces Cahokia on Tuesday

By Paul Hines
The Register-News

MT. VERNON — Another Friday brought another weather frustration for the Rams basketball team.

It's not anybody's fault,” Mt. Vernon coach Scott Gamber said. “You get so geared up and get ready to play a game and then the second week in a row you have to push that back.”

Mt. Vernon was scheduled to travel west to Cahokia for a South Seven Conference clash, but poor weather in the area led to a cancellation. The Rams and Comanches will now face on Tuesday. The cancellation marks the second consecutive Friday night wiped out because of bad weather. A week ago the Rams game with Althoff was canceled.

It's not ideal probably for either school,” Gamber said. “It's definitely not an ideal situation for us with playing already on Friday and Saturday. But there's already one game (that we're) going to have to make up later in the year. And winter's just starting, you kind of feel like you have to make it up whenever you can.”

The backup creates a logjam of games next week for the Rams. Mt. Vernon will play three times, starting with the Cahokia game. The Rams are also in action at home Friday against Marion and on the road the following evening against Waterloo.

It's just going to make it a very rough week,” Gamber said. “We're going to have to get a lot done in a very short amount of time and on top of all that it's finals weeks, and (the players) academics is important and they've got to stay on top of those.

I guess you can't do anything about the weather, it's just what it is.”

Mt. Vernon will spend the extra days preparing for Cahokia but also mixing in Marion and Waterloo philosophies.

It messes you up, but it messes everybody up and there's not really anything you can do about it,” Gamber said.

The Cahokia postponement is short, but the Rams enter the weekend three weeks into the season and still haven't played a South Seven Conference game.

It's been a real weird start in that capacity,” Gamber said.

In other conference action, the Althoff-Carbondale game was canceled, but the matchup between Centralia and Marion was still expected to happen.

We've had it better than some teams in that we at least got to play Tuesday,” Gamber said. “There's some teams that didn't have a game scheduled Tuesday that have not played since their Thanksgiving tournament. That's a really tough situation.”