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December 29, 2011

The View From Here: No. 1 pick could bring big decision


MT. VERNON — What are the St. Louis Rams to do?

The NFL team in the Lou is now one loss away from having to make a decision that could very well impact the future of the team for years to come.

If St. Louis loses Sunday to the San Francisco 49ers (which they likely will), and the Indianapolis Colts defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars (which they likely will), the Rams will have the No.1 pick in the April draft.

Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is being touted as the most likely first pick.

What should the Rams do?

Should they trade the no.1 pick? Should they trade second-year QB Sam Bradford?

Before last season, Bradford (No.1 pick in 2010) signed a six-year contract, with $50 million in guaranteed money.

Due to the new collective bargaining agreement between the league and the player’s association, this year’s No.1 will be slotted to only receive a maximum of $22 million.

Obviously, there would be advantages both ways. The Rams could trade the pick for a king’s ransom, as in multiple first-round picks (or more).

Or, the Rams could trade Bradford and his hefty contract and start over.

The savings on the Bradford contract would allow the team to begin the rebuilding process immediately. But, if the Rams could trade the No.1 pick, the team could get better in a hurry.

What would YOU do?


The Illinois State Police are counting on it.

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