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February 11, 2013

Quinn: Time to put voting registration online


Colorado launched its registration website in 2010. The site allows individuals to register and amend their information. The site was used by 162,000 people the last day before the deadline to register for November's election, said Richard Coolidge, spokesman for the secretary of state's office, which administers the website.

While easing the registration process, Coolidge said the online process also reduced costs for county offices, which no longer have to hire temporary staff to process a crush of applications close to the registration deadline.

"Clerks (used to be) delivered stacks upon stacks of voter registration forms," Coolidge said.

Colorado's site was upgraded to allow people to register using smartphones and tablets.

Anderson, of Quinn's office, said the online option could help prevent data entry mistakes. Sometimes county personnel have difficulty reading an applicant's handwriting when copying the information into the voting rolls. Other times applications are missing information and registration can't be completed.

The cost of the website hasn't been determined. Nevada's site cost $248,000 but took advantage of federal funding. It went live statewide last fall.


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