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February 15, 2013

Status hearing for Chicago car-bomb plot suspect

Associated Press


CHICAGO (AP) — There's a status hearing scheduled for a suburban Chicago man accused of trying to set off what he thought was a car bomb outside a Chicago bar.

Adel Daoud was arrested last year following a sting operation and recently pleaded not guilty to terrorism-related charges.

There's still no trial date set in the 19-year-old's case and one could be fixed at his Friday hearing.

Prosecutors have said the Hillside man told undercover agents he believed the U.S. was at war with Muslims. But Daoud's attorney has argued the car-bomb plot was the agents' idea.

At previous hearings, the bushy-haired Daoud has appeared surprisingly at ease. He's even joked with the judge and smiled as he waved to family sitting in court.