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August 20, 2013

Ill. slow to implement new teachers grading system



Fergus said a state board study expects to finish a study next fall about districts' usage of the new evaluation systems. A state appointed committee has yet to come up with an evaluation model to use as a blueprint for districts statewide, something local superintendents calling for more guidance say would help eliminate problems.

"We want to be proactive rather than reactive," Niles District 219 Assistant Superintendent Anne Roloff said.

ISBE administrator Vicki Phillips praised the local control aspect of the state's teacher evaluation system. She said meetings are set up for the fall and officials are working to provide as much guidance as possible.

"There's a tension between giving enough lee-way to districts making their own decisions ... but then providing them as much as you can humanly provide," she said.

At CPS, officials expect to finish the evaluation work later this month, spokeswoman Molly Poppe said.

Sue Sporte, the Consortium on Chicago School Research's research director, said CPS teachers revealed in surveys and interviews they were apprehensive about the evaluation changes last year.

"There was a lot of misinformation about it, how much (the test scores would count)," she said.

The consortium, part of the University of Chicago, conducts research and helps CPS recognize how the district is functioning.

But since many Illinois districts don't have that kind of outside help, other organizations, including the Illinois Teacher Evaluation Development Program, are are stepping in to help districts statewide craft new evaluation plans.

"I think we're on the right track but we don't have all the pieces," Trover said. "I think we're building the capacity."

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