Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 6, 2012

Students hold mock presidential election


MT. VERNON — — It’s never too early to learn about the right and privilege of voting as third grade students at the Primary Center learned Monday.

The students, the oldest ones in the building, led their younger counterparts in an exercise of their right to vote by holding a mock election for the presidential race.

“The third grade class man the voter registration tables and the voting booth,” teacher Valerie Zgonina said. “Everyone in the building are able to vote, from students, teachers and staff. After everyone votes, a group of students will be adding all the results.”

Zgonina said third grade students are taught the basics of voting.

“We talked about the right to vote and the importance of registering to vote,” Zgonina said. “We also impressed on them that as residents, they have a responsibility to vote.”

Third grade teacher Katie Baumhoegger said in getting ready for the mock election, the teachers prepared a Power Point presentation about the candidates. Zgonina said the Power Point didn’t get very political — it mostly introduced the students to the candidates, their personal background, families and political party they represent.

“We found out the kids are more aware of politics than you might think they are,” Zgonina said. “There was a little bit of debate between some of the students over who other students should vote for and why. I was surprised at that, so you can tell it’s being discussed at home as well.”

At the end of the day, it was a landslide for President Barack Obama, who received 422 votes to Mitt Romney’s 198 votes. Students will be watching the polls today to see how their predictions will tally against the nation.