Mt. Vernon Register-News

September 21, 2013

Primary Center students learn about bus safety



School bus safety was the topic for Friday morning's Risk Watch presentation at the Primary Center in Mt. Vernon.

As part of the program, kindergarten through third grade students were shown a video on bus safety. They then received instruction on that topic from PE teacher Meagan Cruser.

The main thing is getting the kids on and off the bus safely,” Cruser said. “Making sure they're approaching the bus when they should be approaching the bus, making sure that they're aware of the other vehicles around them, and making sure when they're getting off the bus (they're not) in any of the danger zones around the bus.”

The presentation was made to each grade level at the center, one grade level at a time.

After showing the video, Cruser reiterated the main points of the film, ensuring all the students understood.

Risk Watch is a monthly program at District 80 schools. It covers many different topics, including fire safety, bus safety, poison prevention, and others.

Cruser said the district selects the program topics based on state information on the leading causes of child injury and accidental death.

Every month it's a new safety topic,” Cruser said. “We do a video and then I make sure I reiterate the important points of the video.”

The district also invites guest speakers for some of the Risk Watch presentations. For example, the Mt. Vernon Fire Department usually participates in the fire safety program.

Primary Center Principal Shannon Marler said she hopes Risk Watch is an effective tool to keep students safe.

It's to provide our students awareness of different situations they could face some day,” Marler said. “So they have the information and it might prevent them from being in a crisis situation. And they would hopefully recollect the information they had learned to help them.”