Mt. Vernon Register-News

March 20, 2014

Holscher named MVPD Officer of the Year


MT. VERNON — — Matt Holscher, a three-year veteran of the Mt. Vernon Police Department, has been named Officer of the Year.

"He's a very dedicated officer," said MVPD Assistant Chief Chris Deichman. "He's the way we want the city represented."

This is the second time Holscher has been honored for his work with the department. Last year, Holscher was one of three officers credited with saving the life of a man attempting to commit suicide.

During his first year with the department, Holscher attended and graduated from Bike patrol School and volunteered for Field Training Officer School. Deichman said he is second in the department in arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol and in the top 10 officers for cash seizures of drug money.

"By himself, he seized $1,3000," Deichman said. "He is also committed to our community."

Deichman said Holscher is one of the most productive officers on the department — but no one has complained about his service.

"Usually, when you have an officer that is very active and actively arresting people, there are complaints," Deichman said. "People complain when they are being arrested. But Officer Holscher has not had any complaints this year. That tells me he is doing it right."

Holscher was nominated for the award by his captain, Allen Carr. Deichman said he was one of three who were nominated for the award.

"We had three very good nominations, and it was a very difficult decision," Deichman said. "The Award Committee chose the man who displays every one of the characteristics that we look for in this award and an excellent officer."