Mt. Vernon Register-News

November 21, 2012

Students share favorite recipes

Staff Report

MT. VERNON — — Third grade students in Katie Baumhoegger’s third grade class at the Mt. Vernon Primary Center are sharing some of their favorite Thanksgiving treats. More Thanksgiving recipes from Jefferson County grownups can be found in the C section of today’s Register-News.

Tara’s foumus Macaroni & Cheese

by De’andre Nobles



First: Put Macaroni Nooddles in pot.

Second: Put Cheese in pot.

Third: Put milk in the pot.

Fourth: Put velveeta cheese in pot.

John how to make cake

by John Halls



First: got a pen pot

Second: some put three eggs

Third: then y mix the eggs

Fourth: the put some mialik they put it in the oven

Fifth: they take the cake at of the oven

Macaroni and cheese

by Dakota Gibson



First: put water in a sauce Pan.

Second: boil the water.

Third: Put noodles in pan.

Fourth: Stir until noodles are Soft enough.

Fifth: drain noodles.

Sixth: Mix Milk, butter, cheese together.

Seventh: Stir until cheese is melted.

Eighth: and Serve.

Leo nutles cassiberry

by Leo Cassiberry



First: pot water then nutles

Second: then wate for like 5 or 4 then it is done.

Mommy’s Hot mamma dip

by Madison Durham



First: put the 2 packages of cream cheese in large bowl

Second: add ranch mix and salsa to bowl

Third: blend all ingredients together until smooth

Fourth: Serve with taco chips.

Fifth: Serve room temp or chill.

Elisia’s turkey

by Elisia Rios



First: rinse the turkey off with water.

Second: put the butter in and out of the turkey.

Third: then put adobo on the turkey.

Fourth: put the turkey in the pot.

Fifth: preHeat the oven to 350F.

Sixth: then put the turkey in the oven.

Seventh: wait 40 minutes them serve.

Mom’s Macoroni & cheese

by Cheyanne Galvin



First: Take your cheese.

Second: Put it in the bowl.

Third: Put Milk in the cup.

Fourth: Put cheese Dip in.

Fifth: Macoroni Noodles in.

Sixth: Poor Milk in bowl.

Seventh: stir it up.

Eighth: And put in Microwave.

Ckathy Cheeskack

by Lawreon Harl



First: Paer sugar in lrge bowl.

Second: Crack eggs and add + sugar.

Third: Then add pot of water powder

Fourth: Next add the baking powdr.

Fifth: Stir up.

Sixth: Pet bowl in fri lge togethar.

Seventh: Take out of frideg put in ove

Eighth: bake to 5 mintes 36F.

Mom’s macarony and cheese

by Hayley Buchanan



First: get a Big spon

Second: get a Big Pan

Third: put the 2cups of water in the pan

Fourth: then put the milk in

Fifth: put on for 1:30 p.m. into 1:40 p.m.

Sixth: then get out the balsout

Seventh: then Put in the Boxes

Eighth: then serav and inJoy!

Dad’s macronie and cheese

by Justin Fowler



First: you get a pot.

Second: The you put 3 cups of water in the pot.

Third: put the noodles in the pot.

Fourth: wait for 3 or 4 minits or 6 minits to cook.

Fifth: Then you put the cheese in the pot.

Sixth: then you stir it.

Seventh: then you put pepper in it.

Eighth: then you put salt in it.

Ginny’s turkey

by Holly Bowelet



First: take the turkey use 10 butter to stuff

Second: use 5 butter sticks to rub on turkey

Third: then put all the seasens on turkey

Fourth: put on pan and put the oven at 100F.

Fifth: then relaxe for a hour

Sixth: then let cool for 2 min

Seventh: then eat and injoy

gram roll

by Marshay Gilker



First: get out the doe

Second: put flour in the doe

Third: roll the doe

Fourth: put the doe in the pan

Fifth: put pan in the oven

Sixth: bak it for 5minte or 8 minte

Seventh: tak the roll out

Mom’s string beans

by Qadeem Westbrook



First: puy them in a string bean can.

Second: open then and pour in a pot.

Third: let them sit for 10 hours.

Fourth: Then take them out and it will be dinner time.

Fifth: get the water in pot.

Sixth: Turn on stove for 3 or 5 minutes.

Seventh: put the beans in pot let sit for 1 minute.

Eighth: Then turn of stove let soac for 2mi.

Gma’s Fruit Salad

by Jaslin Marie Gibson



First: Go to the store and get the fruit.

Second: Open the cans of fruit.

Third: After that Pour the fruit in the bowl

Fourth: open the jug of fruit juice and pour it in the bowl

Fifth: Then put it in the fridge for about 2 hours.

Sixth: Serve & enjoy

Seyana’s Macaroni & Cheese

by Seyana Lockhart



First: Preheat oven to 500F.

Second: Put the macaroni noodles in the pot.

Third: Put 3 cups of water in the pot.

Fourth: wait 2 or 3 min (or more) on stove.

Fifth: Put velveeta cheese in the pot.

Sixth: Stir velveeta cheese in the pot, then surve!

Shymeer’s sweet tea

by Shymeer Harris



First: put water in microwave for 2 min

Second: pour water in jug

Third: Hang tea packs over side of jug

Fourth: pour the packs of suger in

Fifth: put in ice cubs

Sixth: put in frigerater

Seventh: last but not least serve cold

Paula Turkey

by TyLeah Shrum



First: Open Turkey

Second: Wash it

Third: And put paperkia spice on it.

Fourth: Then put in pot

Fifth: put in even

Sixth: cook for 6 minutes at 30C.

Seventh: Then serv.

I’m making a cake

by Daprince Rinheart



First: Frist add some cake mix.

Second: Thin put a cup of suger.

Third: Thin put some milk to it.

Fourth: ster it.

Fifth: and thin put it in a uiven.

My Mom Kimberle Mays fried chicken

by Tyrionna Mays


First: Rinc the meet of

Second: put flower on it

Third: take the chicken out

Fourth: put it in the gres

Fifth: and put in on 4 or 5 minits

Sixth: then take it out

Seventh: then serv it.


by Noah Morris



First: Break egg’s then put in bowl.

Second: put chocolate chips in bowl.

Third: put milk in bowl.

Fourth: then baking soda.

Fifth: then cookie mix.

Sixth: Then mix it

Seventh: then in oven for 25 min.

Alaini’s Mac & Cheese

by Alaini Brown



First: cook the noodles

Second: cut the velveeta cheese

Third: put the cheese in the pan.

Fourth: pour the milk in the pan

Fifth: now you stir it.